24th April 2018

Thanks to London’s extensive and ever-growing transport network, it’s now easier than ever for companies to enjoy the ‘best of both worlds’ by basing their headquarters in more suburban areas – like Teddington – just a stone’s throw from the capital. Based in leafy south-west London, outside the overwhelming hustle and bustle of the capital’s city centre, this attractive environment offers workers and residents a less stressful, healthier lifestyle –whilst still granting them quick and easy access to the central London when desired. We at Cattaneo Commercial consider ourselves local experts on Teddington and the surrounding area, with our office based in Kingston, just a 10 minute drive away. We have an outstanding opportunity at the moment with a newly refurbished office space, 1 Park Road to let, directly adjacent to the railway station and with 32 on-site car parking spaces. Office space to let and offices for rent here are hard to come by, and highly sought after.


Here are a few reasons we think Teddington is one of the prime spots for commercial property this year:

1) Reputation

Teddington has always been known as a desirable place to live, but it’s also a fantastic place to work, for many of the same reasons. Workers are completely spoiled for choice when it comes to after work drinks and socialising opportunities. Some of the most famous social clubs in the UK are located in this community, with the famous Lensbury Club being an outstanding example. With a thriving independent high street, and neighbouring companies like National Physical Laboratory, the biggest applied physics organisation in the country, it’s no surprise that this affluent town holds a strong appeal to all sorts of different companies.

Teddington also boasts a lower number of empty shops than the national average, with a vacancy rate of just 7.7% (according to the Richmond Council website) demonstrating just how sought after commercial property is in this small town.

2) A better quality of life for employees

It’s generally agreed that quality of life is better in suburban communities. Londoners are cited as being more unhappy, with higher levels of anxiety than the rest of the country on average, so it’s no wonder companies are looking to move away from the capital’s hectic centre. Teddington offers a green, calming environment, with an abundance of parks, gardens and an attractive long meander of the river Thames on its doorstep. Bushy Park, one of the largest, most famous parks in London, is within a mile walk of the office we currently have available, providing a wide range of leisure opportunities for those working here. Happier, more healthy employees tend to perform better at work, with higher levels of productivity and fewer sick-days – it’s a win-win!

3) Quick and easy access to the heart of London when necessary

Located in a London borough, Teddington is a short and easy commute from the capital’s city centre, giving it the added appeal of being the ‘best of both worlds’. Office workers in Teddington can reap the benefits of rural living as described above, while still being able to get to central London in around half an hour. If for any reason you want to visit the city centre - for business or otherwise – the average national rail journey from Teddington to Waterloo is just 36 minutes.

The village is also served by buses, an often more economical option, which can take users to Hammersmith bus station in just 46 minutes, and driving from Teddington to London Victoria can take as little as 22 minutes (at off-peak times)!

4) Council and supporting committees dedicated to supporting local businesses

Richmond council is dedicated to continuous commercial development and improvement in Teddington. Teddington locals have the rare opportunity of having a direct influence on their ‘village plan’. Users can submit their views and priorities to the council, which can then be added to a ‘live’, ongoing plan on the council’s website. The plan can be updated regularly to reflect changing priorities and new ideas for the town’s development. It currently states, at the time of writing, that employment space, such as offices will be protected by current planning policies, and they will “ensure [such space] is retained within the borough” as much as possible (http://www.richmond.gov.uk/myvillage/village_plans/teddington_area_village_plan).

In addition to the council, businesses can enjoy the support of highly active organisations like Teddington Together, who work for “the local residents and more than 200 retail and commercial businesses in Teddington”, aiming to maintain Teddington’s status as a highly desirable place to work, as well as live. There is also support to be received from Teddingtontown.co.uk, a non-profit site set up to promote local businesses, news and other events in the area.

If you are interested in investing in commercial property in Teddington and the Surrey environs, or would like more information, please contact Andy Armiger at andy@cattaneo-commercial.co.uk, or call us today on 020 8546 2166.  

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