5 Things to Consider When Looking for Office Space to Rent in Surbiton

24th July 2019

Surbiton is a fantastic location for all types of businesses. With its excellent transport links, and with such an extensive array of office space on offer with something to suit every need, it is no wonder that here at Cattaneo Commercial we consistently experience incredibly high demand for office premises in Surbiton. 

If you are considering renting office space in Surbiton, there are a few key considerations you’ll need to factor in. Let’s explore them, and hopefully we’ll be able to help you make a well-informed decision about the type of property that will best serve your individual needs. 

Consideration 1: Type of Office Space 

There are so many different types of office space to rent around Surbiton, so you’ll need to have a good think about what will suit your specific requirements. 

The main consideration is serviced office space versus independent premises. 

If you like the idea of having access to fully equipped meeting rooms as and when you need them; break-out areas for informal chats or brainstorming sessions, and hassle-free storage and parking, then you may prefer a serviced office space. Some companies enjoy having others around them and even end up doing business with each other. You may also find serviced offices that offer the likes of a reception and call answering service. 24-hour security is usually standard, as are mod-cons like Wi-Fi and air conditioning. 

Of course, this style of communal working is not for everyone. You may prefer independent or self-contained premises, especially if you have a larger workforce, or the nature of your business is particularly sensitive, for example. Even here you have a choice. You may opt for an independent, non-serviced office space within a larger building, or you may want your own building altogether. It really depends what is important to you. 

Consideration 2: Office Space Features 

You’ll need to weigh up precisely what the office space has to offer against all the costs involved, including rental and running costs.  

Here are a few things to think about: 

  • Size and layout 

Do you need meeting rooms? Separate offices for privacy, or open plan? How many desks will the office space accommodate and, if your business is likely to expand in the near future, will the space still be sufficient? 

  • Style 

There is such a diverse array of office space to rent in Surbiton, so it is worth thinking about what style will suit your business. Traditional or contemporary? Boutique? Characterful? It all depends on the nature and values of your business, and whether you will have visitors on whom you’d like to make the right impression in south-west London. 

  • Comfort 

Does the office space offer air conditioning or comfort cooling? Is there sufficient natural light for the type of work you do? Are there well-maintained rest rooms? Kitchen facilities? A good amount of storage and a passenger lift where necessary? Furnished or unfurnished? Staff comfort is key to a productive workforce, so be certain to bear all of these factors in mind when choosing your office space to rent in Surbiton. 

Consideration 3: Accessibility 

Accessibility for all is a legal requirement and you will usually find office space up for rent has ticked all the regulatory boxes. Whilst you will no doubt always bear in mind disabled access to your premises for either staff or visitors, or both, there are other factors to think about where accessibility is concerned. Let’s take a look. 

  • Deliveries 

Will it be straightforward to receive stocks and supplies? If you are having regular deliveries, especially those of a bulky nature, you’ll need to make sure there is adequate parking and ease of access directly to where the goods will be checked-in and stored. 

  • Parking 

You’ll really need to think about parking when choosing your rented office space. Parking for staff; parking for visitors; parking for deliveries. Some premises for rent in Surbiton come with a set number of allocated parking spaces. Others will have access to a public car park, and serviced office space in south-west London will usually have spacious car parks without limitations. 

Consideration 4: Commuting to and from Surbiton 

If you have workers travelling in by public transport to work at your Surbiton office, you’ll need to think about commuter links. 

The good news is that Surbiton is one of the best located places for office space in Surrey. The South Western Railway operates as many as 176 trains per average weekday between Surbiton and London Waterloo, with an average journey time of 27 minutes. Waterloo is well connected to the rest of London and the south east. 

The local bus service around Surbiton is excellent with a variety of both local and TFL services operating in the area. If you serve an international clientele, or have overseas offices, then you will benefit from the close proximity to world-serving airports at both Gatwick (45 minutes by road) and Heathrow (30 minutes by road). 

Consideration 5: Things to do at lunchtime 

It’s always important to have something meaningful to do during your lunch break! That’s why so many businesses set up home in Surbiton: there really is so much to do. 

Whether you wish to relax in one of the area’s many green spaces such as the National Trust Claremont Landscape Garden, or hit the local shops or monthly Farmer’s Market on Maple Road, there is always plenty to fill an hour (or so!).

Food wise there is ample choice, whether you’re grabbing a pre-work breakfast, lunching or dining out after close of play. No 97 is a contemporary, buzzy eatery serving a selection of seasonal dishes, with outdoor seating for the warmer months. We also recommend the Press Room for your caffeine fix; The French Table for fine food, wine pairings and an excellent tasting menu, not to mention cookery classes so you can enjoy the delicacies of the Mediterranean at home; and the Antelope pub for its proper ales, small plates and beer garden. 


 For more information on renting office space Surbiton please contact Adam Soliman at adam@cattaneo-commercial.co.uk, or call us today on 020 8546 2166.

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