28th June 2018

As experts in South West London commercial property, Cattaneo Commercial wants to share the top reasons to let or rent offices in Twickenham that not many people know about. The prestigious location has a great mix of luxury properties ranging from old Victorian style to modern builds on the high street and renowned attractions such as the Twickenham stadium. The location also boasts excellent transportation links, considering an easy 20 min railway ride to central London, many waterways and wildlife along the Thames river. Below is a list of the select top 5 reasons to let or rent commercial property in Twickenham. 

1) Great transportation options that are scenic too 

You can hop on the railway for a short 20-minute ride between Twickenham station and Waterloo station or speed along the A316 highway (connecting the M3 to London). Twickenham station also has a great bus station with a direct route to Heathrow airport. The town has beautiful riverside walkways and bridges, as well as, bicycling friendly pathways and rentals available. Buying commercial property or renting offices in Twickenham can be an ideal decision for businesses considering the easy transport options for a majority of working professionals.   

2) South west London hotspot...

The Twickenham Stadium is a legendary place for rugby spectators, known as the home of rugby union and the largest rugby union stadium in Europe. It hosts various events, recently the NFL, Rolling Stones and Eminem tours. The venue is a premium location for events of all kinds including large conferences. There is also the Twickenham Film Studios which has become one of the most important post production studio in the UK.     

3) Picturesque outdoor spaces, leisure and recreation 

Escape the polluted streets of central London for lush green spaces in Twickenham. There are elegant parks and Royal gardens around the waterways offering tranquil spaces. There are beautiful art installations, galleries and some historic establishments that were erected for English royalty. Today, Twickenham is still a favourite retreat spot for the Royalty, rich and famous.   

4) Rising popularity to increase... 

Twickenham's reputation continues to grow. In the affluent borough Richmond upon Thames, Twickenham offers properties with good value for money recently gaining the title as London's "price-cut hotspot". That is great value in one of the most attractive London boroughs that has a lot of new developments going on. In the business world it has a strong developing entrepreneurial culture and attracts many young professionals. There are great business schools in the dynamic borough. An event to look forward to is the Richmond Entrepreneurs Conference that brings esteemed digital marketing speakers, politicians and other big players to the area.  

5) Elegant shopping destinations 

Twickenham offers a wide variety of specialist and independent shops that can offer more personal and attentive customer service. Church Street is the jewel of the town featuring full spectrum of independent restaurants, cafes, and pubs. Such good quality local shops and restaurants make letting or renting an office in Twickenham town centre an excellent choice.   

If you are interested in buying or renting offices in Twickenham and the Surrey environs, or would like more information, please contact Andy Armiger at andy@cattaneo-commercial.co.uk, or call us today on 020 8546 2166. 

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