Guide to finding an ideal office for a startup or SME in 2019

18th February 2019

This year doubts and confusion over the impact of Brexit on the property market may be having a greater negative impact, however, against expectations the property market valuations have not changed the median average compared to last year. While some notoriously affluent boroughs (e.g. Chelsea -7.7%) have been decreasing slightly in value, other suburbs (particularly East end zones I.e. Hackney +4.3%) have been increasing in value to balance out average. As a startup or small business, finding an office space this year to buy or rent won’t be hopeless with our quick guide here.  

1. Take your employees' travel times into consideration  

Start your search by knowing what areas would be fairly convenient for your company. Check out places close to the new Crossrail stations for properties with high-value potential being connected to the highly connected light rail running across Greater London in key destinations. If your employees prefer to drive to work, look out for buildings that have parking lots or at least good access to parking spaces.   


2. Note any specific requirements your business may need  

Perhaps you have uniquely shaped equipment or stock that needs to fit in your office space? Or you need super-fast fibre broadband to do online work. Whatever your business requirements may be, writing out a list and identifying what is a priority will be helpful in guiding your search. Don’t forget to consider work culture and work-life balance requirements for your employees’ wellbeing. Offices nearby gyms, shopping centres, parks/green spaces, river views can be attractive for maintaining happy employees. Also, buildings that may have secure bicycle storage space, locker rooms and showers could be important to consider. Cattaneo Commercial, has a portfolio of offices located across Wimbledon, Kingston Upon Thames, Surbiton, Richmond, Teddington, Weybridge, Putney and other areas in Greater London that are affordable and benefiting from such advantages. Some of these prime locations are continuing to increase in value i.e. Kingston Upon Thames (+0.6%) and Richmond Upon Thames (+2.9%) making great investments for the long-term as London continues to expand. 


3. Contact a commercial property specialist  

Begin viewing properties with an estate agent specialist that has a proven track record for acquiring, leasing and selling offices, such as Cattaneo Commercial, in affordable locations. As a startup or SME it’ll be very difficult to find an office in Central London without spending a fortune, so looking further out in Greater London and the South West areas will offer great opportunities. Cattaneo Commercial offers a personal and expert approach in servicing site finding, lettings and sales; by targeting the right people negotiating the best terms for all clients. To get the most out of a professional commercial property specialist, ask lots of questions and describe your business needs. Don’t forget that as a startup you may be entitled to incentives from the locale council or from the government.  


4. Make an offer  

After viewing multiple offices with a Cattaneo Commercial estate agent, take the time to carefully consider the ones that will benefit you, your business and employees. Start the process of securing your first choice by making an offer. Prepare for reference checks and if everything is accepted then the paperwork process can be carried out swiftly. Cattaneo Commercial will advise you throughout the entire process and assist you in securing your ideal office and even after you receive the keys if you are renting.  


If you are considering buying or renting a new office in London as a startup or small business, contact Cattaneo Commercial today to get on track to acquiring your ideal office space. Our team was founded by an expert director who has over forty years of in-depth experience in the commercial property market. We specialise in servicing South West London, Kingston Upon Thames and surrounding areas including the South West M25 sector. Contact Adam Soliman at, Andy Armiger at or call us today at 020 8546 2166.  

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