D1 Property to Rent: The Ultimate Guide

12th September 2019

If you are looking to rent property that will be home to a health centre, medical facility, clinic, crèche, day nursery or day centre or a school or non-residential education or training centre; or an art gallery, museum, library, hall, place of worship, church hall or law court, then the category of premises you will need falls under the D1 class.

What is D1 property?

Local authorities are responsible for classifying properties, and the classifications they set mean that certain buildings can only be used for particular activities. This allows local councils to govern their plans for towns and cities, by specifying what types of buildings are allowed where.

For example, if there is a residential area with a large volume of on-street parking by local workers, then the council can seek to control the problem by preventing more office space springing up in that area. This they will do by classifying other buildings accordingly.

D1 property is non-residential. The category refers to institutions used for medical and health services, or buildings used to provide educational facilities; to display art; as a library; as a public hall or a place of religious worship. Educational facilities might include schools; day centres; day nurseries; crèches or training establishments.

Restricted D1 property explained

Restricted D1 property use either restricts the building to a specified operation, such as only being able to be used for medical or educational use. It may be more specific than this, for example the property can only be used as a hospital, or a day nursery.

Restricted D1 categorisation may on the other hand restrict property from being used for a particular purpose. For example, it may state that the building cannot be used as a public gathering space, but it can be used for other purposes that fall under D1 allowances.

What to consider when choosing D1 property to rent

It is important to be certain that you are choosing the right property class for your needs.

Assuming you have selected the correct property class for your enterprise, there are a few things you will need to consider when renting D1 property.


Does the property offer sufficient parking facilities for your needs? If you are to receive visitors, then you will need to calculate the volume of parking you will need on an average day, and then account for additional needs should there be special events, as is often the case with art galleries, or educational establishment open days. You may wish to find out whether there is any overspill parking available nearby, such as a public car park.

Penalty-free drop-off parking will also need to be considered for the likes of nurseries and day centres, and places of worship will require parking facilities during service times, usually at weekends.

Transport links

If you are running a training centre, art gallery or museum, transport links are going to be a crucial consideration for your D1 rented property.

Visitors and participants are going to want to find it easy to reach you. So think about the proximity of railway and Tube stations; tram and bus services and taxi ranks near to your establishment.

Inside space

Is there adequate interior space to suit your business needs? For example, treatment rooms; a reception area; office space; communal areas; kitchen facilities; rest rooms; gathering space? Be sure that your D1 property suits all your needs.

External space

Nurseries, day centres and schools will require suitable outside space. A safe play area is vital for establishments aimed at a younger audience, whilst a breakout area offering fresh air and a green getaway is always a bonus for educational centres with an adult clientele.


D1 Property to Rent – Expert Advice on Hand

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